I feel like this is way harder than I originally thought it would be, depicting the figure and the head ‘in activity’ and even though I’m enjoying the research, life drawing classes and sketching and trying out ideas it is challenging trying to capture ‘movement’.  I opted to draw and paint my son climbing because it seemed like a great idea attempting to capture the fluidity of his movements, and way better than when I originally sketched him hoovering at home but it has been tricky to sketch him climbing in situ. He got friends to take photos of him and at home he helpfully made some basic climbing lifts and poses (in the garage) so I could observe his body in action.  However, working from photos, although helpful to reference from, can also be frustrating because my aim with regard to Part 5 is to try and achieve works with energy, that as my tutor originally pointed out,  I occasionally accomplish in my sketch books, but I want to achieve this with the bigger pieces.  This is why I chose the  Figure and the Head in ‘an activity’ (ambiguous I know) but as I started with Edgar Degas and women ironing I found that a figure engaged in an activity, when interpreted by many artists, tends to lean towards producing works of art that are expressive, gestural and therefore have energy!

The piece above I worked on on A2, partly from photo and partly from life, using a mixture of watercolour and watercolour pencil but as I worked into it, as usual, it became too static and lacking in any concept that he is exerting himself whilst climbing, it looks like he is just posing in position.  So, due to getting ‘stuck’ on the above I took the opportunity to watch my son climbing at a nearby open air ‘climbing’ rocks and only taking A2 black and white paper with me quickly captured my sons’ movements in situ.  It was great fun to see how the body is hanging, grabbing and climbing.  My son is able to hold a pose for a bit and I made one wax relief with watercolour wash, one charcoal and one white gel line drawing.  It is the last sketch that I am the happiest with as I see more of a feeling of movement and strain of his efforts whilst climbing in that one.


I continue to struggle to get to grips with what I’m trying to achieve for Part 5 but that is part of the process of working towards the final pieces.  So, I am looking to produce two big pieces, one using line and the other painting using tone and line together (like for assignment Part 4 on A1 or 2 paper) and obviously with the additional sketches, other attempts and research points.


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